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Alexandra Muz

Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-500)

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IYAT) 

Certified Master of Hatha Yoga

Alexandra was born in Siberia, but grew up on the coast of the Black Sea. She was inspired to learn Yoga from her mom who came a long way, starting as a person suffering and in pain, to a person healed by yoga. Alexandra's mother is the oldest Yoga Master in her country.
Alexandra is a Certified Yoga Master and a Certified Yoga Therapy Teacher. She graduated from the Crimea Institute of Practical Yoga (Ukraine) and started to teach group classes in the Institute in 1999.
After moving to Israel in 2000, Alexandra taught all levels of Hatha-Yoga as well as classes for those suffering with health problems and bodily injuries.
Her next life step took her to California in 2011. Alexandra continued her Yoga teaching and education and graduated from Purusha Yoga School.

She says her yoga experience of over 20 years has led her to this conclusion: “The easily accessible physical and breathing yoga exercises lead to health improvements, self-control of your conscience and emotions, and deeper understanding yourself and others. And that, in turn, leads to desired results of your life. In every minute, and any situation, yoga helps us solve problems and brings the joy to our life.”


Liliya Muzychenko

Yoga Master


Liliya Muzychenko came to Yoga in her 50’s while very sick with rheumatoid arthritis, joint deformity, asthma, hypertension and other debilitating illnesses. 
Thanks to Yoga she healed herself and began the journey of sharing her experience with others, helping thousands of people find health and happiness in their lives. Her small yoga studio for seniors grew into the largest Yoga School in the Ukraine.
Liliya transformed her pain into her purpose, becoming a unique Yoga Master with a gift for helping others. Now Liliya is 80 years old.
“Age is not a limit,” she repeats all the time.
The former artist-painter became an owner of the Institute of Physical Education based on Practical Yoga.
She has been teaching yoga for almost 30 years to students from the Ukraine, Russia, Israel, France, Germany and the US. She has personally certified over 200 teachers, helping her to spread her vision of health through yoga worldwide.

The main premise of her book, “Revelation of Yogini,” is ‘You can be healthy and happy with Yoga.’
Liliya demonstrates exceptional physical and human abilities. She is full of enthusiasm after her last trip to India, saying,
"Teaching next to 105 year old Swami Yogananda Maharaj Ji makes me sure we have a lot of potential to use our body and mind. Most people DO Yoga. I LIVE Yoga.”

Phone: (415) 624-6085 ---- ---- California, San Francisco, Richmond District